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United Communities Pools Open For The 2017 Season

On Saturday, May 27th the United Communities pools will open on weekends ONLY, until June 17th when they will open for the remainder of the Summer and will close on Labor Day. 

On June 17th the pools will be open 7 days a week from 12pm till 8pm. 
Welcome to another SUMMER!!! 

Below is a list of the pool rules, this is for FCN and the Robert Moore Pool House. 

1. Lifeguards are the absolute authority
2. Must be a resident of United Communities housing to enter the pool (ID is required)
3. Guests are allowed when accompanied by a United Communities resident (3 guests per household)
4. Anyone entering the game room MUST DRY OFF BEFORE utilizing games (FCN Pool Only) 
5. No running on the pool deck at any time
6. The deep end is closed for recreational swim and slide only
7. The lap pool is for adults 18+, and must be used for lap swimming as there is no lifeguards on duty in this area
8. No foul language, or you will be asked to leave the pool
9. Resident children 16+ are permitted at the pool without an adult 
10. An adult must always be within an arm’s reach of any child wearing swimmies or any type of flotation device
11. Everyone must stand for the National Anthem at 5:00pm everyday
12. Everyone that is swimming must wear appropriate attire, all body parts must be covered, no cotton or denim allowed in the pool
13. There is no glass permitted on the pool deck at any time
14. No alcohol is permitted at the pool at any UC Pools
15. No Smoking inside or around the pool house at any time
16. No diving or flipping or throwing people in the pool at any time
17. Baby tubes allowed (only when supervised by an adult)
18. All patrons must clean up after themselves
19. An adult must be with their child/children inside the splash pool at all times, there is no lifeguard in this area
20. Lounge chairs are not permitted in the splash pool area at any time

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