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United Communities Move-Out Guide

Move-out Guide

Move-out Basics

❖Our team is dedicated to make the process of moving out of your home as easy and stress free as possible. By cleaning your home regularly, you should only have to wipe down all appliances, counters, cabinets and bathrooms, and sweep/vacuum your floors. If there are stains on your carpet we recommend that you steam clean your carpets prior to inspection. If you have painted the walls in your home a custom color you will have to primer the walls back to white prior to vacating. We inspect all interior and exterior areas of your home including siding, garage, lawn, and shed. Further down, for your convenience, please find the Move Out and House Cleaning Checklist.

Submitting Notice to vacate

❖Our lease requires a minimum of 30 days’ written notice to vacate, unless official orders are dated with less than 30 days to departure date from the date the orders were received. To give your 30 days’ notice please visit our management/leasing office to fill out the notice to vacate form. If you are in a year lease, please have a copy of your official orders when submitting your notice to vacate. Leases that have rolled month-to-month can submit a notice to vacate without official orders in hand but must supply orders prior to move-out.❖A Power of Attorney to act on the member behalf is required if member is not available. If you need more information or additional instructions on submitting notice or vacating your home please call our office at 609-723-4290 or email us at

❖Inspection appointments are scheduled in 2-hour time blocks; you must be present for the full two hours that you are scheduled for. We schedule the appointments in this fashion because the length of time the inspector spends in one home varies. Varying factor include, pre vs final inspection, the condition of the home, the amount of questions the resident has, and the distance between homes.

❖If the service member or lease holder cannot be present to submit their notice to vacate, in our office, a spouse or friend may do so with proper power of attorney documents.

❖When you come in to submit notice, our staff will work with you to schedule your pre and final inspection dates. Pre-inspections are not required but are advised so the move-out inspector can address issues or concerns he/she may have to better prepare you for your final inspection.

❖It is important to know that inspections are only conducted Monday through Friday during our regular business hours. If you are departing and are unable to be present for a final inspection you may hand your keys into our Leasing Office and waive your rights to a final inspection.

❖You may change your final inspection without penalty in our office until you are within 7 days of your final inspection. If you wish to change your inspection and you are within 7 days of your final inspection date, you will need to submit a new 30 days’ notice. The purpose for this policy is to prevent members from changing final inspection date as we pre lease homes to those inbound to Joint Base MDL. When a resident changes their final inspection date it affects inbound members slated to move into that home.

Move out and house cleaning check list

The following is a list of items that are checked during your move-out inspection. Please note this list of standards is not all-inclusive and is to be used as a guide. For items not specifically addressed, contact UC for clarification. The purpose of these cleaning standards is to create basic criteria for all residents. Contact UC for any specific inspection questions.

______Kitchen appliances: The refrigerator must be defrosted and any accumulated dried food particles removed. Wipe down completely inside and out. Pull out the refrigerator to clean behind and under it. If you feel you are not capable of moving the appliance out to clean, or moving it might tear the vinyl flooring, please contact UC and arrange a service call for them to move the appliance for you. Remove all grease, stains and dirt sediments from the range hood both inside and out. Clean and replace filters. The range top, oven and exhaust hood must be free of heavy grease and burned-on residues. The exterior of the stove and range must be free of grease and food particles. Clean all appliances thoroughly inside and out to include all applicable doors, sides, tops, seals and gaskets, racks, boiler pans, control surfaces and knobs, storage areas and refrigerator condenser coils. Move appliances away from the walls for cleaning and move back after cleaning. Wall surfaces surrounding the range must be free of grease and food residues.

______ Kitchen and bathroom cabinets: You must clean the interiors of all cabinets, drawers and closets and the tops of any exposed cabinet tops. Cabinets, closets, drawers, shelves and all woodwork must be free of dirt, oil stains, shelf paper, adhesive residue, staples, tacks, etc.

______Walls and Doors: Any excessive build-up of dirt, wax, stains, (other than discoloration due to hanging pictures), or calcium deposits are not considered normal wear and tear and must be removed by the resident. This also includes crayon marks; heavy smudges on the walls, or excessive dirt. Please note the walls must be clean. Painted walls must be properly restored to a neutral color prior to final inspection. If you have used stickers, wallpaper borders, and contact paper on your cabinets, drawers, or walls, you must remove them as well as all adhesive film residue. Clean doors, both interior and exterior including door frames and thresholds. They should be free of dirt and stains on both sides.

______Lighting: Replace burned out or missing light bulbs. All broken light globes must be replaced. Light globes may be obtained from the Self-Help Store. (open M-F 8-4)

______Bathrooms: Clean and disinfect bathrooms including toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, shower, mirrors and shelves, towel rails, sinks and related hardware. Bathrooms need to have any excessive buildup of calcium deposits and soap scum around fixtures, caps or on walls removed. Toilet bowls must be cleaned both inside and out. Tiles and mirrors must be free of soap build-up or streaks. Mop all flooring

______Carpets and Flooring: Vacuum carpets. Remove dirt and wax sediments from floor areas. Damp mop floors and apply a light coat of wax on tile floors. Vinyl floorings are no wax. Remove dirt, dust and smudges from baseboards, walls and ceilings. Although it is not required to steam clean your carpet, if there are stains on the carpet, it is in your best interest to steam clean to remove stains as you will be charged to either remove the stains or replace the carpet if stains cannot removed. During the final inspection, carpeted areas will be tested for animal/human urine.

______Windows: Clean windows inside and out so that they are free of spots, streaks or film. Clean all windowsills, blinds, screens and baseboards. Curtain rods must be removed and nail holes filled prior to final inspection.

______AC vents: Clean registers and cold air returns, making certain they are free of dirt, sediments and stains. Change Filter to AC. Filters can be obtained at the Self Help Store.

______Storage/laundry areas: Must be broom cleaned. This includes being dusted down, free from any accumulated trash and swept out, including walls, ceiling, floors, windows and stairs.

______Patios, storage sheds and garages: Must be broom cleaned. This means removal of accumulated debris and sweeping of the area. Excessive accumulations of dirt, gummy materials, oil and grease stains must be removed. Clean patios, carports and garages. They should be free of dirt, stains and grease. Remove all trash from crawl spaces, storage areas and trashcans. Garage floors and driveways must be cleaned removing gas, oil and grease stains to prevent permanent damage upon final inspection. Remove personal items from all areas of the residence, including utility sheds and garages. Garages and Utility Sheds must be free of dirt, oil, sediments, and stains. Remove all trash from the yard, both front and back, as well as inside the home and shed. Codes for key pad that operate garage door need to be changed back to house number.

______Yards and outside areas: Perform yard maintenance including any snow removal from driveways and sidewalks and lawn mowing in fenced rear yards. Front and back flower beds must be free of weeds. Repair pet damage to yards, patios, sheds and fences. Ensure that all pet feces have been removed from the yard.

______ Trash/Recycle containers: All items must be removed from trash/recycle containers unless you are moving on your trash/recycle day. Containers must be clean of trash and items. Containers must be placed in the appropriate area.

______Keys, Garage Door Opener and Appliance Packets: Have all keys, garage door openers, Appliance Packet, and any other approved conveyance letters on hand for the final inspection. Conveyance items require pre-approval by UC.

_____ Furniture: Any unwanted furniture can be taken to our Self Help Office. Please keep in mind that furniture can be donated to the JBMDL Attic, building # 3446. The Attic can be contacted at 609-754-8703.


Final Inspection Process

❖ At your final inspection the inspector will assess to see if there are any damages in the home. The inspector will provide a list of damage or cleaning charges.

❖ After the final inspection walk through the resident must report to the United Communities Leasing and Management office to sign off on final out paperwork, pay outstanding balances including damage and cleaning charges. * If a service member is separating from the military rent for the month must be collected at move out as we will not be able to collect your rent via allotment.

❖ It is important to understand that United Communities collects rent in arrears, we will pull your final payment out at the end of the month even though you are not still residing with us. For example, if you move out April 15th, United Communities will pull the rent for the entire month of April May 1st. A refund check with any remaining BAH from the prior month will be mailed to the forwarding address provided.


Tips and important things to know

❖ Normal Wear and Tear- Residents are responsible for damage to their home, equipment and furnishings in the home caused by abuse or neglect of family members and guests. Normal wear and tear is the amount of deterioration that occurs with normal use of the home and is anticipated and acceptable. Homes should be used and lived in as intended, residents are expected to avoid negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse of the home by the occupant, members of the household, pets and guests.

o Common damage costs include: stains and or pet damage on carpeting, drip pans, blind replacement, vinyl tears, paint prep, landscaping, and cleaning of appliances.


❖ Cleaning and move out safety

o Lift with your legs by bending at the knees to reach objects, always avoid lifting with your back

o Carefully ready and follow warning labels and instructions when using cleaning products. Never mix cleaners without reading the instructions and warnings.

o Ensure you are wearing proper attire and safety equipment for the task at hand. Wear clothing that protects your skin, close toed shoes, gloves, safety glasses, and vapor masks as would be appropriate for each task and as recommended.

❖ Our Self Help office can help you prepare for your move out. You can get light bulbs, air filters, touch up paint, spackle, grass seed, shovels, rakes, lawn mowers, and weed whackers.

❖ Mail forwarding- You will have to turn your mail box keys into the post office immediately following your move-out inspection. Make sure all mail is forwarded prior to your final inspection.