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Sealcoating: PLEASE READ

April 22, 2024

Re: Sealcoating

Dear Residents,

We have recently contracted Macadam Co., INC., to sealcoat all Asphalt driveways. Over the course of the project, Macadam Co., INC. will be posting additional signage

In order for this project to run smoothly, we ask for your cooperation to ensure your vehicles and other personal property are moved by 7:00am on the day your driveway is scheduled to be worked on. If your car is in the garage, you will not be able to move it until your driveway is reopened. (See schedule and map below.) Cars not moved by 7:00am on their scheduled day will be towed/moved at the owner’s expense. Each driveway will be closed for approximately 24 hours. We ask that you please do not walk or park in your driveway until Macadam Co., INC has removed the barricades.

Sealcoating is a weather sensitive project in which a nice sunny day with a very low chance of rain, if any, is needed. If it rains, or if there is the threat of rain on your scheduled day, we may have to postpone that days’ work, and complete it on the rain date. The scheduled rain date for this work is shown on the schedule. For example, if it rains on May 6th, that day’s work will be completed on May 13th as shown on the schedule. All other days will be completed on their scheduled date, barring any other weather issues.

It is our goal to have all driveways reopened within 24 hours. Please remember that this can only be achieved if all cars are removed from the parking lot by 7:00am on the day your driveway is scheduled.

Please see the following pages for the schedule and maps.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this project.


United Communities