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Fire Hydrant Replacement and Water Shutdown on Thursday, February 17th


Dear residents of FCN,

There will be a water shutdown on Falcons Court North (FCN) on Thursday, February 17th.

Reason – There is a fire hydrant that is leaking on Bolling Blvd (3800 area) that requires replacement. There is an additional hydrant that needs to be replaced, but is not currently leaking and both will be replaced during this shut down.

Duration – The shutdown is scheduled from 9am to 2pm.

Areas affected – The areas expected to have no water during this timeframe are the 3800 and 3900 areas of FCN. Discolored water may occur throughout FCN once the water has been restored.

Discolored water – With any stimulant of a water main (water main repair, valve checks, fire hydrant usage, flow reversals), natural sediment that lies at the bottom of the pipes gets disturbed and oxidizes the water causing the discoloration. While natural and safe, this can be unsightly. If you notice brown water in your home, please run cold water through the bath tub faucet until it has cleared. Please do not utilize the hot water as this can draw discolored water into the water heater. Please also refrain from utilizing the washing machine until the water has cleared.

Thank you,

United Communities