Apartments in Joint Base Mdl, NJ

Relocation Guide

Application Process

  • To apply for a home with United Communities, please visit our website and select ‘Choose Your Home’.
  • The application must be completed in the service member’s name.
  • Please note that a copy of the service member’s orders will be required prior to the assignment of a housing floorplan or address.
  • If your dependents are not listed individually on your orders one of the following documents will be required DEERS enrollment form or Form DD1172, a copy of a RED (Record of Emergency Data) or a Page 2.
  • Once application is received we will contact you by the following business day.
  • Please read our Housing List Management Policy which provides the guidelines for assignment of housing floorplans with limited availability.
  • We encourage all families to make secondary arrangements with lodging in the event their home is not ready upon arrival or arrival is over the weekend or not during our normal business hours. The phone number for on base lodging is 609-288-7901.

What to expect while in transition to Joint Base MDL

  • Once your application is complete you will then be on our housing list. We will remain in touch with you throughout your move to Joint Base MDL.
  • Approximately 30 days out from your arrival/date housing is needed we will update you with a projected time frame for your move-in.
  • Once your home is ready for move-in we will reach out to you to schedule a lease sign date and time.

What you will need for move-in

  • The move-in appointment takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes and entails electronically signing your lease online, obtaining a Government Housing Office Referral, paying your pro- rated rent, doing a walk-through of your new home and reviewing important community information and need to knows.
  • You will need to know your supervisor’s name as well as your duty phone number for Joint Base MDL to complete the Government Housing Referral.
  • You will need to have your pro-rated rent; this is the amount of rent due from the day you get your keys through the end of the month until we can start your allotment. For example, if you move in 15 April you will need to pay at move-in the rent from 15 April through 30 April. This payment can only be made via certified funds, money order or credit card. If you pay by credit card there will be an additional 2% added.

Important information to know

  • You will need to have your pets registered with the Fort Dix Veterinarian with-in 5 days of moving in.
  • Restricted dog breeds include Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Chows and Wolf Hybrids or any mix of restricted breed.
  • You will receive a copy of our resident handbook electronically on your resident portal account. Once you move-in you can also preview it here.
  • When you live with United Communities you have school of choice, for grades Pre-K to 6th both North Hanover Township Schools and Pemberton Township Schools For grades 7-12 Northern Burlington Regional School District and Pemberton Township Schools Children that attend North Hanover for PreK-6 will automatically attend Northern Burlington for Middle and High school.
    • The following guidelines apply for Joint Base MDL school of choice:
      • Only families living on JB-MDL have school choice. Families living off base must attend school where they reside.
      • Families who arrive to JB-MDL without a housing assignment have 10 days from the receipt of their housing assignment to select a school district to be their district of residence. This cannot be extended. Families who do not have their housing assignment upon arrival should select their district of residence before or upon arrival.
      • The district selected for the oldest child becomes the district of residence for the entire family. Families cannot place children in different school districts.
      • The location of your residence on JB-MDL does not affect your choice of school district.
      • Transportation is provided to either school district, regardless of where you live on JB-MDL.
      • Once you select a school district, you cannot change districts.
  • You can choose your cable provider. Options available to you are:
    • Xfinity by Comcast- Steve Iannettoni- Phone number: 609-634-9063
    • Verizon Fios- Phone number: 1-877-413-1330
    • Direct TV- Phone number: 1-855-229-4388
    • Dish Network- Phone number: 1-877-861-2561
      • Please Note: If you choose Direct TV or Dish Network you must have at least $10,000 in liability coverage through a renter’s insurance policy before having the satellite installed. A copy of the insurance must be brought to our office to be placed in your resident file. Also, the dish cannot be installed on the house or in the ground; it has to go above the ground on a tri-pod.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I apply for a home with United Communities?
    • Service members can apply to live with United Communities before receiving official orders
  • Can I designate someone to accept my home on my behalf?
    • Yes, an individual acting on your behalf must have a power of attorney to be able to manage the acceptance and termination of your home, sign the lease document on your behalf, obtain a copy of your lease paperwork, and start/stop your allotments for housing.
  • What type of dependent documentation is needed to house my family?
    • If your dependents are not listed individually on your orders one of the following will be needed:
      • Army-DD 1172/DEERS enrollment form
      • Navy-Page 2
      • Air Force- DD 1172/DEERS enrollment form
      • Marine Corp- RED (record of emergency data)
      • Coast Guard- CG 4170
  • Will housing be available when I arrive to Joint Base MDL?
    • It is our utmost goal to provide a smooth transition. However, wait times and availability are subject to change- our relocation team will update you on the status of a home or projected wait time for you and your family within 30 days from your arrival date.
  • Are utilities included?
    • Yes, all municipal utilities are included. You will only be responsible for your cable, phone and internet.
  • What appliances are included with the home?
    • The homes come fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, garbage disposal and dishwasher. Microwaves are included in select homes. Full size washer/dryer hookups, these hookups are prong electric hook ups.
  • What amenities are included with the home?
    • Access to our 3 swimming pools, 2 splash pads, access to our community centers and fitness centers, 150 yearly resident events, Self Help office, lawn care, snow removal, 24 hour on call maintenance, 5 dog parks, 46 playgrounds, 15 miles of walking and jogging trails and much more.
  • Do you allow pets and how many?
    • We allow up to 2 pets for free, additional pets beyond 2 require a $500 pet deposit per animal. We do not have size or weight restrictions. Breeds prohibited on base and in housing include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers Chows, Wolf hybrids or any mix of restricted breed.
  • Do the homes have Fenced backyards?
    • Some floor plans do have fenced backyards, for the homes that do not come equipped with fences the resident can add a fence with a request to modify the home. Please check with your Relocation Consultant to see if your style home has a fence.
  • I am enrolled in Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Will I have priority placement on the housing list?
    •  EFMP status does not constitute priority placement on United Communities housing list.
  • I am a single service member with one child. Am I eligible for on-base housing?
    • Yes, single service members with legal dependents are eligible for family housing.
  • I am a dual military household. Whose name will my housing lease be under?
    • The lease will be placed in the name of the senior ranking service members name.